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Attendance & Academic Performance – Christ Junior College

The working day at Christ Junior College comprises of two sessions- the morning session and the afternoon session comprising of three periods each. Students are expected to be regular to their classes and are to have a minimum of 90% attendance at the end of the academic year. Attendance will be marked at the commencement of each hour.

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The fifteen Literary, Art and Stage events are curated exclusively for II PU students of Christ Junior College and are set to take place from 20 July 2021 to 24 July 2021. This Intra-collegiate fest will culminate in the declaration of the most XITED II PU Class for the academic year 2021 – …

Christ Junior College – CHRIST (Deemed to be University …

Christ Junior College is a nurturing ground for an individual’s holistic development to make an effective contribution to society in a dynamic environment.

CHRIST JUNIOR COLLEGE, Bengaluru | Home – Student World …

Christ Junior College is a a premier educational institution in Bangalore which offers excellent Pre-University education along with state of the art academic and extra-curricular facilities and helps students in the pursuit of excellence and service.

Christ Academy Junior College

Christ Academy PU College aims to provide holistic education to the young aspirants on the threshold of creating their dream career. The vibrant environment of the institute is not only conducive to boosting excellence in academics and enhancement of global competencies, but also inculcates value system which acts as a guiding force in every …

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Christites Innovative Talent Expo XITE! 2018 is the annual intra collegiate fest of Christ Junior College. This provides the opportunities for Christites to represent Christ Junior College at various intercollegiate fests. XITE 2018 is an assortment of 34 events inclusive of 11 Literary, 10 Art and 13 Stage events.

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