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User Login : User Id : Password NOTE :-If you are having any Query related to updation of Online report or Updation of doctor in EAS , Please check the FAQ option on the main screen (FAQ 1 for online reports and FAQ 2 for updation of Key Doctors and Faculty ( own MSL/others MSL ) in EAS …

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Dear Vendor, As you are aware that in terms of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006 (the Act) while dealing with Micro, Small or a Medium Enterprise (MSME), Cipla Limited (Cipla) being a buyer, is required to ensure compliance of certain conditions stipulated in the Act.


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Cipla – Leading global pharmaceutical company in India

Samina Hamied, Executive Vice-Chairperson, Cipla, talks about leading from the front, building an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace, making Cipla future-ready and more in an exclusive interview with Ashwini Prakash, Managing Partner India, Asia Pacific Lead – Pharma, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Consumer products, Stanton Chase India.


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