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Decisions Made with Confidence | Cisive

Our relentless focus on employment screening accuracy keeps employers safe from needless and expensive litigation. Cisive’s rule-based workflow engine presents the latest compliance and client-specific forms and releases to ensure compliance and is fully configurable to match your internal processes. Learn more about Cisive Background Screening.

Onboarding & Offboarding | Cisive

Cisive Exchange simplifies your onboarding and offboarding tasks for your employees and automates the process to maximize engagement. Our configurable dashboard and intuitive portal enable you to easily manage responsibilities and guide candidates and employees through each step of the process.

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Employment Screening Services & Solutions | Cisive

Cisive conducts an inquiry on the individual’s Social Security number against commercial sources to include credit bureau header information, augmented with related compiled name and address information. Learn More. Employment & Education. Cisive is known for the thoroughness and accuracy of our employment background check investigations.

ACCESS19 | Cisive

Cisive’s ACCESS19 is a secure, paperless, safety solution specifically designed to allow businesses to resume day-to-day operations while keeping their workforce safe from COVID-19. With rapidly changing conditions, Cisive’s solution allows organizations to maintain a safe workplace via ongoing monitoring and daily COVID-19 symptom and vaccination status validation.

Criminal Background Check | Criminal History Check | Cisive

Cisive offers the industry’s most accurate and complete criminal background check, including sex offender registry checks. Multi-repository searches ensure a candidate’s complete criminal history check and an audit confirms accuracy on the state, federal and international level. Click here to learn more!

About Cisive | Cisive

Cisive’s mission is to provide the most accurate, reliable risk mitigation services to keep our clients out of harm’s way. We have evolved from a background screening company to a nationally recognized HR leader in quality of service, timely reporting, cost-effectiveness, state-of …

Leadership | Cisive

While Kristen has been the HR leader at Cisive, the organization has completed several acquisitions, growing the employee population from 200 employees to over 900 employees on a global scale. As the global HR leader, Kristen has overseen efforts that have resulted in the establishment of …

Working at Cisive: Employee Reviews |

A typical work day at Cisive is being on the phone the entire shift verifying work history or education history; nothing more or less. Working here, I learned how to fill out applications correctly. I know what employers look for when trying to hire candidates. The management team here are fair and reasonable.

Employment Screening Services & Solutions | Cisive

Inquiries Screening is on a mission to mitigate risk by bringing actionable intelligence and clarity into the hiring processes. Our employment screening services empower you with unparalleled insight and accurate results, delivered with an unwavering focus on truthful reporting, legal compliance, and integrity of source material.

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